At the customer's request, we
are always trying to keep our
customers happy with accurate
pricing and exchange rates and
the difference in exchange rates.
Providing solutions to deal with
the intricacies of the above can
take you closer to your goals and
more assured of success or the
discovery and development of new
opportunities for you in the market
to be desired.
Our company is happy to trade bet-
ween Asia and Europen, we are proud
to exchanging with different product
of different part of the world.
What We Do…
Goals & Mission
Import & Export
“We are proud to offer the best solutions“
Wipex is a freelancer import and export agent that help foreign companies to find new
customers or new suppliers in Netherlands. This company with experienced and specialist mana-
gers started to recognition of market requirements and after short-term was successful to be.
Now this company is a reliable supplier and has lots of contracts with different Iranian clients
regarding, and has successfully contracted with various Iranian customers in the field of ship
and locomotive equipment sales. At present, the company has established a reliable supplier
of successful contracts with various Iranian customers in the field of the purchase and sale of
ship and locomotive equipment.
Contact Us

Gilbert  van Schoonbekestr 55
3901 PZ   Veenendaal
The Netherlands
KVK :  70058938
Vestigingsnr : 000038363658
Phone: + (31) 636 337 771
Phone: + (31) 636 337 771
Supply of equipment

Spare parts and marine engines.
Locomotive spare parts.
Spare parts for diesel generators          
and gas engines.
Spare parts for gearboxes.
Spare Parts for various types of locomotives.
Questions for the assistance of  Technical Support
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