About Us
The main approach of Wipex company is to create and develop strategic business relationships with customers in different industries in Iran and also suppliers in industrial countries especially in, Europe, and East Asia to create the most value to the customers.

Regarding Iran market business and marketing opportunities in different areas including Rail transport, road, marine, gas, petroleum, mine and building industries, machinery, equipment and industrial components and pieces and also consultant especially in financing projects for organizations and companies.

Wipex in identifying market needs together with the effective relationships with suppliers can give his customers better advice.
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Gilbert  van Schoonbekestr 55
3901 PZ   Veenendaal
The Netherlands
KVK :  70058938
Vestigingsnr : 000038363658
Phone: + (31) 636 337 771
Phone: + (31) 636 337 771
Supply of equipment

Spare parts and marine engines.
Locomotive spare parts.
Spare parts for diesel generators          
and gas engines.
Spare parts for gearboxes.
Spare Parts for various types of locomotives.
Questions for the assistance of  Technical Support
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